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At Goddard & Malmquist, we are children's rights attorneys who believe that every child deserves to be treated with care and respect. In any divorce, we are very concerned about our clients' children and never do anything to hurt them or to impair our clients' relationships with them.

With decades of experience serving clients in the greater Chicago area, we are here to effectively and knowledgeably advocate for you and your sons or daughters. Our mission is to help you find a positive resolution to your family law concerns.

The Children's Bill Of Rights

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers published the Children's Bill of Rights. Here are just a few of the rights included on this list:

  • Children do not have to choose one parent over the other.
  • They have the right to remain in a safe environment.
  • They have the right to be children, not their parents' confidants.

To read the full list of rights, click here.

The Emancipation Of Minors Statute

Illinois also has an emancipation of minors' statute that allows mature and self-sufficient minors between the ages of 16 and 18 to become legally emancipated with their parents' consent. This can be of great benefit to minors who have problems entering into contracts or finding housing, for instance, due solely to their age or legal status.

Mandatory Parenting Classes

In Illinois, every county requires parents to take a parenting class online or in person in order to get a divorce or have a paternity judgment entered. This class is intended to educate both parties on the effects of divorce on children. You can choose a one-day session, two two-hour sessions or a four-hour online session.

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