Post-Decree Collaborative Law For The Greater Chicago Area

"Post-decree" refers to matters that arise in the months and years after a divorce has been finalized. These issues often involve shared children and demand swift resolution. While it is possible to litigate post-decree issues, it can be more helpful and beneficial to arrive at resolutions in a collaborative manner.

Goddard & Malmquist serves the greater Chicago area in many facets of divorce and family law. If you are divorced and require help resolving a problem with the divorce decree, reach out to our lawyers for a consultation. We can be reached at 847-382-3995.

Collaborate With The Other Party To Arrive At Workable Resolutions

We are trained collaborative law attorneys and have extensive experience helping people work through divorce and post-divorce problems. Collaborative law allows you to arrive at resolutions privately and holistically. While legal problems are never easy, it is our hope that with collaboration between you and the other party, you can arrive at positive resolutions. Additionally, these resolutions are arrived at on your terms, and not handed down by a judge.

Post-decree issues frequently involve children, including:

Consider Collaboration, Even After The Divorce Is Final

Things can change, and when they do, Goddard & Malmquist is here to assist you. To learn more about the collaborative approach, please call 847-382-3995 or send us an email.