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May 2013 Archives

Collaborative law a cost-cutting device for Illinois couples

Couples all across the United States have saving money in mind, and couples in Illinois are no different. Across America there is also a false assumption that divorce has to cost an arm and a leg. The truth is that this is entirely false, and we are not talking about a DIY divorce that often leaves both spouses financially exposed into the future. 

Divorce and access to credit: new rule on CARD Act

It's no secret that the financial challenges of divorce can hit women harder than men. To be sure, this is supposed to be an age of gender equity. But the reality, in Illinois and elsewhere across the U.S., is that wives are often more financially dependent on husbands than vice versa.

Child custody decisions are usually not either / or

Child custody decisions are seldom resolved in an either / or manner. To be sure, sometimes one parent will get sole custody, such as in serious domestic violence or substance abuse cases. But normally most custody cases result in some form of shared custody.

Privacy and public information in divorce, part 2: the NASCAR case

In our May 1 post, we discussed the question of how much information in a divorce settlement can be kept private. In Cook County, the Chicago Tribune has recently reported on how well-connected and high-profile people are often able to have court records sealed while other people are not.

Child support enforcement in Illinois: the state role

When it comes to collecting child support, the gap between theory and practice can be gapingly large. In theory, of course, parents whose divorce agreements call for child support payments are supposed to make those payments. When a court approves a divorce settlement, the obligation to make the payments becomes a court order.

More than friends: No prenup for Jennifer Aniston

"Friends" star Jennifer Aniston is getting married to fiancé Justin Theroux in a couple of months. With vows in the future, it might make sense for the celebrity couple to consider relevant legal repercussions of the union. For example, a soon-to-be married couple might consider the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. Without one, property of an unsuccessful marriage will be at the hands of state property division laws. Despite Aniston's significant wealth, reports suggest that the actor has declined an offer to sign a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. This is surprising, as a divorce without a premarital agreement could result in a loss of $150 million for the star, according to sources.

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