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September 2013 Archives

What does it mean to divorce in an equitable distribution state?

When couples going through the divorce process cannot provide the terms of their settlement on their own with the help of attorneys, it's likely to be resolved in court according to state law. This includes property division, child custody and many other crucial issues that must be taken care of when couples split up. If spouses choose not to take a collaborative approach to their divorce, many critical decisions may will be decided in court.

Egg-freezing and the conception of a couple's common life

The challenges of dividing marital property in the divorce process are one the recurring themes of this blog. We’ve consistently tackled nuts-and-bolts aspects of this, such as retirement accounts, real estate and the risk of asset concealment.

Child support and garnishment: when the debtor is self-employed

When we last posted about child support, on August 15, the post was about the new Illinois law that allows for the garnishment of gambling winnings. But figuratively speaking, it would be fair to say that virtually every case of trying to collect child support can become a gamble.

Staying in the family home after divorce: the role of refinancing

"Home is where the heart is," or at least so goes one of the gauzy romantic fictions that sometimes become undone in an unpleasant marriage. Indeed, for couples who seek to get divorced but are underwater on their mortgage, it could be said that in many ways their house at the heart of their financial problems.

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