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What types of expenses does child support cover?

Many people think of child support as a way to cover the bare minimum. In other words, if a child has clothes, shelter and food, that should be enough. However, modern psychiatry tells us that children need more than this to grow up to be well-rounded, healthy individuals and, in the end, that's what both parents typically want for their children. For that reason, child support covers a broad range of expenses that contribute to the child's lifestyle.

If you are going through a divorce and either preparing to pay child support or preparing to receive it, you'll want to know some of the things it can be used for. Here are some of the biggest categories:

  • We went over this aspect already, but just to review: child support pays for things like groceries, clothes and a roof and four walls.
  • A growing child's medical care is of utmost importance, so most divorced parents must have some sort of insurance for the child. Child support pays for expenses that aren't covered under the insurance plan. This could include things like eyeglasses, casts, braces or other special health care needs.
  • Education is one of the most important factors in a child's future and child support takes care of supplies, field trips, uniforms, private tutors, books, tuition and lunch money.
  • Most children need supervision throughout the day, but it can be hard for a working parent to swing. So, child support can cover things like day care, nannies and babysitters.
  • Child support also covers extracurricular expenses for activities and entertainment, like summer camps, video games, sports equipment and fun outings.

If you have questions about paying or receiving child support, you may want to speak with an attorney.

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