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Teachers want to know about parent's divorce

Many people who have gone through a divorce or are going through a divorce already feel like their personal life is on display. Divorce and custody issues have a way of making people feel stripped of their privacy and vulnerable to gossip. While divorce is already a difficult and often embarrassing event, is it right for your child's teacher to demand to know what is going on at home? Well, based on a new study in the Chicago Tribune, yes it is.

A new study on how teachers view divorce and its impact on a student's performance suggests that more than 90 percent of teachers expressed that they wish to know about the home life of their students. The surveyed teachers also reported that along with issues like divorce, they want to be informed of other family stressors such as illness, remarriage and moving.

While the majority of teachers want to be kept in the know when it comes to their student's home life, only 23 percent of parents surveyed say they share such information with their children's teachers. However, one of the main findings of the study was that both parties are craving more communication from each other when it comes to their children. This sharing of communication between parties is seen as equally beneficial, yet still something parents and teachers struggle with.

The main reason teachers are pushing parents to share family problems with them is to make certain children receive the support and help they need, when they need it. For children struggling with their parents' new separation, grades and performance may slip. If teachers are kept in the loop about such changes, they can offer extra help and stay on top of the struggle.

While it may be easier said than done, divorcing parents may want to discuss their situations with the children's teacher. As collaborative law increases in popularity with American families, many attorneys may also suggest keeping individuals with supportive roles in your children's lives well informed.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Your kid's teacher wants to know about your home life," Heidi Stevens, Sept. 14, 2015

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