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Knowing your rights and obligations regarding child support

The end of a relationship is a tough and emotional time. When children are involved, it can be even more emotionally draining. There are numerous things to consider that need to be addressed when a relationship ends, and there are children to take care of; matters such as who the child will live with, what is in the best interests of the child and how to minimize the impact on the child. Regardless of the issues that caused the demise of the relationship, both parents want what's best for their children.

One of the most challenging issues to deal with is child support. Whether the child is with you most of the time or with your former partner most of the time, there are specific child support guidelines that determine how much child support you will receive or how much you must pay. Something to consider when determining child support is what the child will need financially. This could involve recreation expenses, medical needs, the standard of living to which the child is accustomed and their education. The needs and finances of the parent who must pay the child support must be considered as well.

Child support can be a point of conflict between the parents, and cannot always be resolved amicably. Whether you are the custodial parent of the child and are not sure how much you should receive, or you are the parent paying the support, you may be concerned with the final figures.

An experienced attorney will be able to help resolve the issues around child support so that you and your former partner can move on to living separate lives, with the least adverse effects on the child.

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