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On major assets and complex financial factors in divorce

No matter who you are or why you are getting a divorce, there will be serious discussions about finances when you and your spouse decide to split. The more assets and the more complex and diversified your financial portfolio is, the more complicated these discussions become. Often the division of assets cannot be resolved quickly or through simple negotiations. You will need to discuss the division and tax ramifications with a qualified and experienced attorney to ensure your divorce is handled properly and efficiently.

Goddard & Malmquist are experienced, qualified attorneys that have seen a wide range of divorce cases and asset disputes during the divorce process. With their extensive knowledge of Illinois family law and their understanding of complex financial issues during divorce, Goddard & Malmquist can help you resolve the difficult matters that are inherent to your divorce

Do you own a business? Does your spouse own a business? Both marital and non-marital business are major assets in your divorce. The income of you and your spouse and what that income amount is must be determined. These are valuable component parts of any divorce agreement. Additionally, income and business assets can go a long way in determining child and maintenance support payments.

Financial matters in a divorce should never be taken lightly. Passively allowing these topics to be completed without your full thought and energy is unacceptable and detrimental to your future financial wellbeing. It may be difficult at times, but we at Goddard & Malmquist will support you and help you through the entire process.

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