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Mediation: Bringing Calm to an Otherwise Contentious Moment

Divorce mediation is an important element of family law. Not every divorce or issue can or should be addressed in the courtroom. A growing number of people choose to circumvent the courtroom for their most private, personal and difficult dissolution decisions. Mediation is an excellent choice for those who want to find common ground on issues and resolve them without the anxiety and public discord that is often associated with litigation during a divorce.

Stand up for your right to a fair custody agreement

Going through divorce can sometimes be an emotional and complex process, especially if you have children whose future you will need to decide. As many couples in Illinois experience every year, this is often a hard agreement for parents to reach. The chances are that you and your spouse both want to remain a significant part of your children's lives, but now their time must be split between you.

What you need to know about high asset divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the most emotionally draining ordeals in life. Here is a person you shared a home and a life with who now sits opposite you, ready to haggle over the painful details of a split: who gets the children, who gets the house and even who gets the clock in the living room. Add millions of dollars in assets to that dispute and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Pamela Anderson's divorce and tax issues

The recent divorce of Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon may have some people in Illinois thinking about the tax consequences of a marital dissolution. The former Baywatch star's divorce made headlines for many reasons, and one of them was that Anderson questioned whether her ex was guilty of tax evasion. In the end, the pair was able to settle the process with Anderson receiving $1 million from Salomon.

Rosie O'Donnell's former wife wants full custody of daughter

Whether known for her popular 1990's talk show or her dramatic television appearances and celebrity feuds more recently, many Illinois residents probably recognize the name Rosie O'Donnell. The on again and off again host of "The View" makes many headlines due to her public persona, but she is now being talked about because of troubles in her personal life after she split with wife Michelle Rounds. Rounds filed for sole custody of their two-year-old daughter on April 28 in New York after making allegations about O'Donnell's parenting skills.

Illinois divorcing couples may divide a 401(k)

Divorce can be complicated but may be especially difficult when a couple owns considerable property to be divided. Knowing what each spouse holds in assets and how to split them up can ease the process. Even a 401(k) can be divided if the proper steps are taken.

Joint custody appears to be better for the child's health

There is a established connection between emotional stress and physical complaints known as psychosomatic illnesses. These ailments, which may take forms including loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, feelings of dizziness, nausea and other complaints, are often experienced by New Jersey children whose parents have gone through a divorce. A recent study conducted in Sweden examined approximately 150,000 children in the 6th and 9th grades, seeking correlations between family status and psychosomatic illnesses.

Parental alienation in Illinois family law cases

One of the unfortunate reactions children may have when their parents divorce or separate is called parental alienation syndrome. Children may experience this reaction on their own or due to the encouragement of a parent. Alienated children express hostile feelings towards the parent who is the target.

Changing beneficiary designations after divorce

It is fairly common for married people to designate their spouses as beneficiaries under different types of financial accounts. Bank accounts, life insurance policies and retirement plans are just a few sources of financial security that Illinois residents may possess. When the owner was still married, it likely made sense to make his or her spouse the beneficiary. Now that a divorce has been finalized, a divorced person may want to make a change.

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