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If you and your spouse need to work through some differences before your divorce can be finalized, but you do not want to do so in the contentious and public atmosphere of a courtroom, the assistance of a trained, neutral mediator may help you arrive at a settlement agreement. The two of you and the mediator will meet to discuss and resolve your divorce issues.

Before entering into mediation, it is in your interests to consult with a lawyer to learn about your legal rights and determine whether mediation is the right approach for your case. Your attorney can also provide you with legal advice during the process when you are not engaged in the actual mediation sessions.

With close to 60 years of experience helping clients resolve difficult family law issues, Goddard & Malmquist can advise you before you begin the mediation process, answer your questions during mediation and assist you after mediation by preparing all of the documents necessary for your divorce.

Protecting Your Interests As You Seek A Mediated Divorce Resolution

Both of the lawyers at our law firm have mediation training and can serves mediators. We are privileged to counsel and represent individual clients in divorce, child support cases and other mediation matters. Because of their neutral position, mediators cannot give legal advice. If you retain us as your attorneys, we can advise you on your rights and the law while you are engaged in mediation and then finanizing the documentation as you move towards dissolution.

After mediation is completed, the mediator will prepare a summary of the agreements, called the Memorandum of Agreement, the parties have reached. At least one party should retain an attorney to prepare all of the necessary documents and have the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage entered.

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Mediation is a beneficial process in many cases, but it is only one of several ways to obtain a divorce in Illinois. To schedule a consultation to discuss whether mediation is the right option for you, please contact Goddard & Malmquist, today at 847.382.3995 or by email. Evening and weekend appointments are available.